Conclave 2016

Beginner's Sunday

Have you always wanted to take part in a Table-talk role-playiing game, but never knew where to find a game that you can take a part in. Now the role and board gaming society of University of Turku, Tyrmä, organizes a beginers evening on Sunday 10. of April.

The place is Campus chappel of TYY at YO-talo C. Games start at 14:00 and continue till 20:00
These are the games tha are available for the beginners Sunday, we shall add games here as the time goes by:
Pathfinder - Forgotten town
Pathfinder is a enchanted version of legendary Dungeons and Dragons (edition 3.5) fantasy role-playing game. This nights game is seemingly an easy and simple job for a band of brawe adventurers, to seek out an old and abandoned settlement far to the west. But soon they will learn that there is no such thing as easy and simple job for adventurers.
Experienced role-players are also welcome.
Alltought this is named a beginers night, also old and experienced role-players are welcome to join in, but please be patient with the new people and help them with the basics of rules.