Conclave 2016

Please note that this page only has the program that is in English language the Finnish version has all of the program, including those that are in English.

Actual program has not yet been decided, but if you want to help us with organizing something, please contact the organizing team at:
Scientific program
This year conclave is also a scientific conference with presentations and talks about games.
Role playing games
There have been several role playing games held in conclave. If you want to run your own adventure in conclave, please inform the organizers
Your game!
Number of players:
Please tell us if you want to run a RPG session in conclave.
Board games
The game library of TYRMÄ is available to the members of TYRMÄ in conclave (naturally you can join in there).
Go (碁) is an ancient board game of capturing land and eating your opponent. It's a bit topical since finally the computer scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence that can beat a fairly good human player. To learn more of this ancient game Turku Go society, Hayashi, has a few tables in Conklaavi.
Card games
We try to organize a collectible card game tournament at conklaavi.
There is also a traditional Bazaar at Conclave. If you have old games that you want to give a new life in a loving home, you can bring them to conclave to be sold.